Suzanne shifted 25kg in weight as she healed from Crohn’s disease

Suzanne came to the very first seminar I held on nutrition, in Winton around 2005.  That’s around 11 years ago. She listened to all the information I shared and went away. We didn’t chat, not that I remember.  She did begin to buy raw milk from the two cows that a friend and I were milking.

About three months later, she came to pick up her milk one day, and said, “You know, I don’t have Crohn’s disease anymore.” And so she started to tell me her story.

She had gone home from the seminar almost in tears, saying to her husband, “I don’t think I can give up my bread”.  He said he would help her by doing it too. So they did, and they started to eat only real foods.

When she went back to the gastroenterologist after those first few months, she was told that there was no sign of inflammation, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. She had done it all with changing what she ate, “And no more drugs”.  She had been on a few.

So now, eleven years later, Suzanne is another woman who once had Crohn’s disease.

She is basically sugar and processed food free. She checks all the labels if she is buying something new, and won’t buy anything with added sugar. She still doesn’t eat any highly processed food, which is nutrient poor, and very hard to digest. It sets up a war zone in her body.  She looks after her health with the foods she eats, nothing else is needed. Her sweetest food is a piece of fruit. Everything is natural.

To help her on her journey she read a few books, Dr. Davis’s “Wheat Belly” and Grain Brain amongst them, and recently was very impressed with the documentary, “That Sugar Film”.

She says, “Raw milk helped me to heal, and I still eat a lot of dairy. I can tolerate butter, cheese and milk and I feel there is a big benefit in their high fat content. I also eat free range eggs and meat. Breakfast is bacon and eggs. How bad can that be?”

The specialist just shook his head about her food choices; the foods that healed her. The Ministry of Health seems to think there is a great danger in leaving out any of the major food groups. This is a tragedy, because wheat, grains, starches and sugars are keeping many people sick and in pain.

Suzanne doesn’t go to her GP any more.

Once, after not seeing him for three years, they rang and asked if she would like to come in and have a blood pressure check. She decided to go, say hello to her doctor, and remind him of what she looks like! He was very supportive and very open to the new regime.  He even said that he believed she was right, although he would never be ‘allowed’ to tell his other patients that. What a tragedy for them!

Her blood pressure, is of course, is text book perfect too.

Suzanne said she didn’t find it too hard to change, although she had a foggy head and was a bit shaky about what to eat at the start; then over time realized it was all about being organized.

Suzanne’s saviour in the early days was to have a small bag of almonds on hand at all times.

She does admit to a sweet tooth, and does like sugar. But is she feels a craving for sugar, she will put a slice of lemon into hot water and sip away on that. She says it seems to do something to turn it around.

“At end of the day it’s about making food from scratch yourself and knowing what’s in it. Mainly meat and vegetables.  Now and again, I like to know what my sugar intake is, and when I measured it the other day, it was about six teaspoons, but that was all the natural sugar content of the actual food, none was added or artificial.

Oh yes, as a side benefit, she also shifted off 25 kg of weight in the first stages of her new life, slowly and easily it just slipped away.

Now, eleven years later, Susanne is very active, runs a very physical business as a barefoot trimmer of horses hooves and is fit, happy and 100% healthy.

Suzanne strongly believes two things particularly.

  1. Sugar is really bad
  2. And “Wheat Belly” is very true.