About Me

In Hippocrates words;
“All disease begins in the gut”.  

This is always the best place to start.

photo in grass smallerSherry is excited about the nutrition truths being  recognised in our country today. The false low-fat  paradigm is finally on its way out. The world is  changing from the ground up.

Sherry’s training as a GAPS™ (gut healing) Practitioner has allowed her to incorporate this powerful protocol into all her teaching. Clients have had many debilitating diseases successfully healed.

These include emotional, digestive, behavioural, and physical issues.

Hippocrates said around 440 BC that “All disease begins in the gut”.

Nothing has changed … it has just taken us almost two and a half thousand years to come to the same conclusion.

A first class seminar leader with over 10 years in the nutrition education arena, Sherry has created a life-changing approach to permanent change by introducing techniques from powerful new research on neuroscience.

In consultations, Sherry’s compassion and no-nonsense ‘tell it like it is’ approach is very refreshing and clients feel drawn to her authenticity, recognising the truth in what she says.

She lives in Otatara, near Invercargill on 20 organic acres, where she and her husband Jeff milk a few Jersey cows for their real, natural milk. They rear calves, and make cheese, yogurt, sourdough bread and many other traditional foods. They also run cheese-making workshops

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science; Dip. Teaching; GAPS™ Practitioner.