3-Week Challenge Kick Start

The 3-Week Challenge has helped thousands of people regain their health over the past ten years.  Losing weight is almost guaranteed, unless you have thyroid issues, which we will deal with at the time.

Thing that clear up almost straight away include:

  • Indigestion
  • Bloating and reflux
  • Sugar and insulin levels
  • Joint pain
  • Often sleep improves and headaches are relieved
  • Children’s behaviour, eczema, tummy pains, asthma and more has improved

All of these are chronic diseases and are caused by inflammation, and toxins circulating round the body that the liver cannot eliminate fast enough. These diseases cannot be cured by drugs, but only by going to the source.

Eating Real Food helps by removing a lot of food based toxins, and this gives your body a rest and your detox system a chance to clean them out. Many of the so-called health foods are not … learn about them too.

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