The Right Track

This is a really powerful series. For the first time, changing the foods you eat to Real Food has been combined with coming off a sugar/starch addiction. This is a new forever lifestyle; and is the only way to permanent change.

Understand why you crave certain foods, and why you are always hungry; and learn how to turn it all around.  No willpower involved!

Become part of a supportive group over eight weeks. This support network will continue long-term via a closed Facebook group and text/email contact.

Or work personally with Sherry face to face or via phone or Skype. Join the long-term support network with others who have been through the course.

Group: Two hour group modules each week over eight weeks, focusing on removing the addictive foods from your lifestyle forever. Free yourself from thinking about food a couple of hundred times a day. Have more energy for living life to the full. The power of the group, and learning how to use the power of your mind, will get you there.

Or personal coaching: After a one hour start up session, work with Sherry as your personal coach for 30 minute sessions each week. You will also be sent module summaries each week.


Module One:  The addiction. What the hit is, getting through withdrawal, writing your own crisis plan.

Module Two:  The habits. 21 times to change. What you do, how you move, how to change the old habits.

Module Three:  The feelings. Stepping up to more powerful feelings. How to improve your emotional health.

Module Four:  Mind Power, not willpower. How to make the switch to  your inner strength.

Module Five:  How to deal with the real world. Social situations. The saboteur in you and in others.

Module Six:  The badly behaved brain. Movement and healing. Primal Blueprint.

Module Seven: Other means of supporting weight shifting, once you are free of food addictions. The new lifestyle is underway. Help the weight shifting.

Module Eight:  Review, revamp and celebrate. Make exciting new plans and set some goals.

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