Have you got a leaky gut?

Dr Axe says … “having leaky gut is essentially like having the gates broken from your intestines to your blood stream so many of the particles that should never be in your bloodstream are able to enter.  When this happens it causes inflammation throughout your body leading to a variety of diseases. According to a […]

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Six Smart Secrets

Six Smart Secrets that Get you Back into Shape and Keep you there Join Sherry and Robyn for a fantastic evening of discovery. See the flyer here   for more details of the event and to send the link to your friends. You will: Hear Robyn’s story of success after 20 years of trials and […]

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The REAL Food Pyramid

Here it is again!  This is what I have been teaching about for 20 years. Thank you to Joe Mercola who always puts things so succinctly. Let’s take it on board and teach our children well. It’s time to make a change. Real Food Pyramid Real Food is the food of our Great-Grandmothers. Minus all […]

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Jeff’s fabulous feta recipe

Jeff’s fabulous feta is one of my favourite cheeses. I marvel at the ingenuity that came up with the original recipe – a way of preserving milk in the hot Aegean region. The secret to good feta is to produce high acidity quickly, use salt to slow the process and store cheese in a quality […]

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How to eat more fat

To eat more fat think, dripping from pans: duck, goose and butter fat. Sardines, herrings, anchovies, egg yolks and avocado. Full fat cream, yogurt, coconut oil and coconut cream yogurt. Olive, avocado, flax seed and evening primrose oil.

The books “Grain Brain” and “Wheat Belly” both tell us of the health disasters around our grain based food industry. To leave them behind we need to eat fat for energy and for the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Here’s how to fit them in!!

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Natural fix for Crohn’s disease and IBS

If you have a story to share, please email us now! And go into the draw to win one of two books … “The Heal Your Gut Cookbook” We are beginning to get the good news out there about how you can fix serious digestive disorders with GAPS and real food … … to the […]

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Candida overgrowth and fermented foods

Treating Candida with Fermented Vegetables – From Dr Josh Axe  –  – Is it possible to treat Candida with fermented vegetables? Dr Axe believes so. Fermented vegetables contain a host of benefits! The possible control of candida is one of them. Candidiasis is the name given to an overgrowth of candida fungus in the […]

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