Overweight and irritable bowel

Karen, Edendale, May 2016

My good gut bugs had left home!

In 2012 I was sick with reflux and a painful, chronic, irritable bowel. I had constant diarrhoea. I couldn’t even go for a 20-minute walk, and would always have to plan my days around locations of toilets. It was horrible.

Then I found Sherry’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/eatyourselfwell.realfood and read about GAPS. Thought it sounded like me.

On the 27th July 2012 I started my health journey with changing the foods I eat. I stopped eating junk foods and takeaways.

I got a big cardboard box and cleaned the pantry completely of anything that had sugar, flour or processed starch in it. Anything with numbers went into it. I emptied the house of all cleaning chemicals. Everything went. I followed the full GAPS list of foods, and chucked everything else into the rubbish bin or gave it away.

My husband Matthew was happy, and I explained to our then three-year old son Ryder that we were going to go on to good food for medicine to make ourselves better, so he saw the new foods as “making us better”.

Before the changes, he used to look for food all the time and he was always saying, “I’m hungry”.  He’d go to his cupboard, which I always kept stocked up for him with his favourite foods, and he would help himself to muesli bars, chippies and popcorn.  He would have three packets of rubbish to one piece of fruit. I always baked and bought things he and Matthew liked eating.

Ryder loved animal biscuits. He used to hate eggs and would do anything for hot potato chips. He astounded me at the three-week mark when he was offered some hot chips, and said,

“No, Mum, can I have scrambled eggs?”

He’s happy about it now. He’s always been a good kid, but he’s even better now he’s not craving the old foods.

I ate fat like it was the best thing on earth.

My pain, reflux and diarrhoea were gone in seven to ten days. I stopped going to the toilet all the time at night. My weight loss was eight kg in nine weeks. I had 22 symptoms to start with, and they were all gone.

Once my health issues had cleared and the initial weight loss stopped, I did the HCG homoeopathic drops course through Sherry. That got me losing weight again fast, and I lost a total of 23 kgs in three and a half months.

Over the past few years my weight has gone up and down a bit as I continue to learn more about health, nutrition and how to use neuroscience techniques to cope with my addiction to sugar. But although I have had a couple of relapses, I have never gone back even close to my old sick self.

It is becoming easier and easier to get back on the Right Track faster. I am improving all the time.

Sherry has been supportive every step of the way, and she always puts in as much effort as her clients. Every time we touch base, or I do another one of her courses, it takes me to another level. It’s thanks to her that I have continued on this long but very rewarding road.

Our lives have all changed so much, and the best thing of all is that now I know what to eat to make it easy for my body to maintain its new self. It is very exciting. Matthew is really happy with his new life too. Just wish we had done it sooner.